women-in-a-box appeared in my ib art exhibition titled in-between: indian-american. the piece uses a variety of media, including fabric from a traditional women's garment, jewelry, bangles, a circular mirror, and safety pins. all the media allude to a typical indian woman's day to day objects. safety pins, in particular, represent the sometimes demeaning expectations of modesty placed on women by society. the object takes the form of a box, symbolizing the constrictive box women are trapped inside in conservative indian societies. the placement of the jewelry on the box resembles the venus symbol, or the female symbol (). the circular part of the symbol includes a mirror that shows the reflection of the viewer. here is a piece i wrote for this work:  
by the threads of the box
were the women kept.
behind the insulting label of venus.
in the circle of femininity
is a reflection
because change begins with

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