one of my core beliefs is the jain principle of ahimsa, or non-violence for all living beings. my heart goes out to the animals that are tortured everyday, because i believe that they are able to feel pain just as humans do. to illustrate this point, i anthropomorphized some of the most abused living beings on the planet. a motif in all is the blue tear and human eye.   

disclaimer: i do not intend to offend anyone and/or their beliefs. i simply intend to communicate and provide my perspective on animal abuse as an artist and advocate.


pigs' ears are clipped without sedation and are forced to live in their own waste and filth.


circus elephants are kidnapped from the wild when they are still young and are roped and tied by all their limbs and neck. in a process literally called breaking the elephant, trainers pull the limbs in directions the elephant body does not naturally bend in order to prepare them for circus acts that require unnatural flexibility.


sheep are exploited for their fur and often scarred in the shaving process. the barcode satirizes the materialistic idea that the being is not treated like a being, rather, as an article of clothing.


in the honey industry, queen bees' wings, legs, and stingers are often clipped and all bees are forced to breathe in harmful smoke.


the dairy industry abuses female cows with horrendous practices such as artificial insemination, being hooked by their udders to painful machines, and separation from their calves.


the practice of fishing itself drowns the living beings in air. fishing hooks and other fishing utensils harm fish before they are killed for food.

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