hive discusses the vulnerability of women, the injustice, and the disrespect they face in
regards to their bodies. i shot a photo of myself in front of bathroom tile to express the
vulnerable, nude state associated with bathrooms. the monochromatic color scheme of the flower,
petals, makeup, and nail polish unifies the work to give a youthful, innocent look, while alluding to a
lustfully fleshy motive. 
the bees surrounding the 'rape victim' symbolize the rapists coming to
attack: one is touching a flower (representative of the vagina) and a few are stinging the victim,
although she appears harmless. the pose is deliberately feminine and gentle to clarify the
victims' innocence. i chose to draw bees was because they are known to only attack if
aggravated--am playing with the false idea that it is the victim's fault if raped--though in this piece,
and in reality, the perpetrator is the one deserving punishment.
i was in india at the time of one of the most tragic
rapes that resulted in murder--the delhi bus gang rape of 2012. as a 12-year-old just beginning
to understand my changing body, i remember my cousins censoring the story for me. i remember the climate this
event created, propelling the modern indian feminist movement. i included a multitude of bees
as a parallel to this gang rape, which was my first acquaintance with the crime. 

a hive is a shelter, a home, a vessel. not a brothel.
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