this literal social ladder critiques india’s social hierarchy. the caste system continues to categorize social classes in a world of severely polarized income distribution. each class is represented by a rung on the ladder, in ascending order, upwards. the lowest caste has nearly nothing, as illustrated by only 5 brass bangles. there are more bangles as you go up the ladder, with the most extravagant collection at the top: the gods’. the bangle types vary from brass to bronze, silver, gold, and jeweled. although this version of the caste system isn't in effect in its entirety today, classes still exist and heavily affect social lives and marriages in indian communities.

the foam rungs are taken from a bangle storage unit and attached to painted wooden poles. when displayed in my ib art show, the ladder was on top of a glass shelf, symbolizing the elevation of the lowest class, the dalit, or the untouchables
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